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About Rock Med

In 1972, Bill Graham asked the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics to staff a medical care tent at his Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin outdoor events. That was the start of a vision that was formalized in 1973 by Dr. George "Skip" Gay. 40 years later, Rock Med is still going strong and setting the standard in event medicine.

Although we still primarily handle concerts, we have branched into many other events as well including: all 49er home games patron care, 2013 San Francisco Pride event, 2012 San Francisco Giants World Series Champions Parade, Mountain Play on Mt. Tamalpais, and many, MANY more.

No matter the event, we strive to provide the same high standard of care and follow our founder's philosophy in everything we do. The precept of "Do No Harm" is one we fully embrace in the care of each patient. It doesn’t matter to us what a patient has done to be with us, it only matters that we get that patient treated and back where they belong.

We are doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics. We are CPR certified accountants, truck drivers and students. We are volunteers, we are caregivers and we are Rock Med.

NFL Playoffs, Jan 12, 2013
San Francisco Pride, June 30, 2013
Outside Lands, Aug, 2013

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