Joining Rock Medicine

Whether you're a doctor, nurse, EMT, or just have a BLS CPR card and want to give back from the community and learn from the best, joining Rock Medicine as a volunteer is an easy process.

Rock Medicine's basic clinical requirement is a BLS CPR card* from one of the following institutions:

Please note: Your CPR card must be one of the 3 listed to be accepted and must be current. Some training courses offer cards that "comply with" or are "based off of" AHA ECC Guidelines. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept these certifications or training courses. CPR/First Aid or Heartsaver CPR/AED will not meet these requirements as it is not a healthcare provider certification.

* Physicians currently licensed in the state of California do not need a seperate BLS / CPR certification.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to taking your course. This will allow us to help you before you spend time and/or money getting certified! We understand that some workplaces such as UC Davis and CalFire issue their own Healthcare Provider CPR cards in lieu of one listed above. If this is the case, please contact us and we'll work with you to determine if it can be accepted.

Ready to start volunteering but don't have a CPR card? Join us at a Rock Medicine CPR class!

If you already have a BLS card, or once you obtain one, the next step in joining Rock Medicine is an application through Shiftboard, our shift scheduling tool. This application requires basic details about your experience and a few personal references. Rock Medicine staff usually process these applications within a few weeks of submission and will reach out to you with any questions or requests for additional information as needed.

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The Rock Med Philosophy (and a great show!)
Rock Med Orientation
Field Team Training
New Volunteers at a First Event

Rock Medicine Orientation

Upon initial approval of your application, the last step in the process is attending a Rock Medicine orientation. Orientations are normally held at least once per quarter, with the exception of our off season (Dec-Feb). Rock Medicine staff will email you orientation dates and signup information after your application is processed. All volunteers must attend orientation before working at any events.

Rock Medicine’s orientation consists of two sessions. The general orientation is completed by all new volunteers and covers the history of Rock Medicine and the philosophy behind our work and the care we provide, as well as how to signup for events, update your certifications, and find event information. This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about how to be successful in Rock Medicine for years to come!

After the general orientation session, you'll have a chance to attend one of two orientation classes depending on your current license or certification. One orientation class is designed for clinical providers (those who will staff Rock Medicine field hospitals/clinics) and a separate class is designed for field providers (those who staff response teams in the field). Both of these classes will cover basic skills, responsibilities, your role in the Rock Medicine system and what's next in your training. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet some current volunteers who can answer questions and talk to you about what it’s like to volunteer.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?
Volunteering with RockMed is easy! All you need is an approved, valid Healthcare Provider CPR Card (AHA, Red Cross, or ASHI Only) and to apply on Once your application is processed, you must attend an in-person orientation. After orientation, you can sign-up for shows and start to learn more about how Rock Medicine operates in the field! Be sure to watch your email for event updates and call time changes.

Why do I have to attend an orientation before I can volunteer?
In order to make sure all volunteers are trained, understand their roles and responsibility within RockMed, and are ready to take care of patients, we require volunteers to attend an orientation, and eventually a clinic or field class. Most of the training you will receive will be at events, but orientation is a great way to see if RockMed is right for you.

I am a student, can I still volunteer? What would I be allowed to do?
Yes! All that is required to volunteer at RockMed is a valid BLS Healthcare Provider CPR card from the AHA, Red Cross, or ASHI, and we’ll teach you all you need to know to be a volunteer. Obviously, without a higher certification, you will not be able to perform some of the more advanced procedures, but you’ll get to assist with patient assessments, charting, patient moving, and basic procedures. Nursing students who have completed more than half of their program are often given the option of working in the clinic. EMT students are usually placed on field teams and will get to respond to calls along with EMTs and Paramedics. Whether you are in a healthcare program or thinking about joining the field, RockMed is a great way to learn to talk to patients and begin developing your clinical skills.

Is there a minimum amount of hours I am required to volunteer per month?
No, there is no minimum number of shows/hours that you’re required to work, but especially as a new volunteer, it is beneficial to work a few shows per month to learn how RockMed operates and practice your skills. If you work more shows, you’re more likely to make friends and become part of the RockMed family.

Why is a Healthcare Professional CPR card required to volunteer?
RockMed is a healthcare organization and therefore has minimum training standards for all of its members. While you may have a valid CPR card, layperson classes (Classes that offer the HEARTSAVER CARD or CPR/First Aid) do not teach how to use some of the more advanced equipment such as a bag-valve mask, nor how to work as a team, which is imperative in the event you assist in a resuscitation. The following certifications will meet the CPR for the Healthcare Provider requirement:

  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider
  • American Red Cross Basic Life Support
  • ASHI Basic Life Support

Why do I have to be certified by a local EMS agency? Why isn't my NREMT card valid to volunteer as an EMT?
While National Registry does issue you a card (your NREMT card), the card only states that you’ve passed the NREMT exam and are a member of the National Registry. This allows you to obtain state certification but does not actually allow you to practice medicine. In short, NREMT allows you to join the registry of EMTs, but your state (California) must issue a certification which allows you to practice medicine. Until you submit your California state card to RockMed, you are only allowed to volunteer in the capacity of a CPR, but you’ll still have plenty of chances to learn new things and work with patients.

How do I get a Rock Med Uniform t-shirt and ID card?
RockMed t-shirts are loaned out to new volunteers and will be given to volunteers after they complete a 10 show sheet, which you’ll receive with your welcome letter. Shirts are usually available at truck shows, orientations, and selected larger events such as specific shows at Shoreline Amphitheater or Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. ID cards are mailed out to volunteers after completion of a 10-show sheet - until then, you can sign in with your state-issued ID.

I have medical experience, why do I have to go to orientation?
While many of our volunteers come to RockMed with a wealth of medical experience, we require all our volunteers to attend our orientation to ensure that everyone has an understanding of our policies, procedures, and what to expect from each other. All new volunteers attend the same orientation to ensure a uniform standard of care at all events. Orientation is also a great way to see if RockMed is right for you.

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