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Rock Medicine is capable of covering events of any size in almost any conditions. We can provide as few as two EMTs with basic life support (BLS) equipment or more than 20 EMT teams and a advanced life support (ALS) clinic with doctors and nurses. We can also provide ATV, bike, and cart response teams as well as trained dispatchers and event managers to provide complete event medical coverage.

With a 48 year history in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have worked with the vast majority of the security, radio, equipment, and other vendors you may already be working with. We also have built successful relationships with many local ambulance companies that we can subcontract to provide ambulance transportation to the hospital when needed.

Rock Medicine's management and supervisors are experienced in writing event medical operation plans for submission and approval by local authorities. We're happy to assist you and your event's planning team with drafting and submitting the proper paperwork to ensure a safe and successful event.

We regularly work across California as well as selected areas of Nevada, Arizona, and other states. If you are interested in bringing Rock Medicine to your event in other locations, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to work through the details and logistics with you.

We look forward working with you to keep your patrons safe and make your event a success!

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Please give us some basic information about your event, your anticipated needs, and how to get in touch. A member of the Rock Medicine management team will reach out to you shortly to discuss how we can help! Questions? See the FAQ below.

Event Consulting Services

Organizing a big event can be overwhelming and medical is not something you should have to worry about day of. Even if Rock Medicine isn’t staffing your event, from EMS Plans, subcontracting medical services, or event day management, Rock Medicine is happy to put our 45 years of experience to work to make your event a success. If you’d like to learn more about our consulting services, please fill out the quote request form and write in the note what level of services you are interested in.

Our rates for consulting range from $55-$150 per hour depending on the task as well as covering the cost of any travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a medical provider at my event? Can't I just call 911?
If your event will involve large groups of people in the same place, alcohol, high risk activities, or at-risk attendees, it is a good idea to consider an onsite medical team. Additionally, many counties require a medical team at your event based on event location and attendance numbers. Even when not required, having a medical presence at your event is a great way to ensure the safety of your patrons and help reduce liability while also improving their event experience. Not only is it impractical to call 911 for a bandaid, nobody wants to have an ambulance called for them when they don’t need it, and free earplugs and an ibuprofen can go a long way toward improving a patron’s day.

Why not hire an ambulance company to provide my medical care?
Ambulances are intended to stabilize critically ill patients and transport them to the hospital. This often leaves them ill-prepared to provide onsite care at your event. Due to county protocols, they aren’t able to hand out over-the counter-medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen, earplugs, or sunscreen, and many times don’t even carry items such as bandaids. Ambulance companies also charge patients if they transport them to the hospital, so there is a financial incentive to send patrons to the hospital rather than treating them at your event.

Additionally, ambulance companies can charge patients if they transport them to the hospital, so there is a financial incentive to send patrons to the hospital rather than treating on scene.

What level of care do I need at my event?
The level of care required at your event depends on a number of factors. For example:

  • Number of attendees
  • Event type (concert, festival, etc.)
  • Size of event footprint
  • Proximity to local hospitals
  • Event history

Many events can be covered with 2-4 EMTs, but larger events may need a standby ambulance or clinic with nurses and doctors. Some localities also have medical requirements for onsite resources and EMS plans based on event size. For an example of these, check out the San Francisco DEM’s policies.

Our quote form is designed to help us determine what your needs are, so we encourage you to fill it out and we can contact you to follow up and answer any questions you have. If you have no idea what your medical needs are, fill out the quote form and check the box requesting help and we'll be glad to help you ensure you have sufficient medical coverage to protect your patrons while not breaking the bank.

How much do you charge?
Because every event is different we ask that you fill out our quote form so we can provide you an accurate estimate. Generally, smaller events with a few EMTs are billed hourly while as larger events are often billed at a fixed price. With services ranging from mobile teams, first aid stations, clinics, and more, we work out an estimate specifically for your event needs.

We are a non-profit, can you donate your services?
As a 48 year old non-profit, Rock Medicine’s goal is to support community events by providing high quality non-judgmental care. However, in the 21st century, we face significant expenses for every event we take on including insurance, supplies, administrative time, and more, so we generally are not able to offer our services for free. However, we have experience keeping costs low and generally cost less than many of our competitors. If you have a need for our services we encourage you to reach out and we’ll do our best to design a package that will fit your budget.

I have my own volunteers, can they work with you?
While Rock Medicine often works with other medical providers we generally do not provide insurance to cover their actions. If you have volunteers you’d like to use to help provide your event’s medical care, please include this in the quote and we’ll follow up to work out logistics before the event.

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