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Rock Medicine provides an opportunity for both healthcare students and those interested in healthcare to get hands-on experience caring for patients and to develop both skills and a clinical background which will help them in whatever healthcare field they choose to pursue. Most of our student volunteers have told us that volunteering with Rock Medicine has made them more comfortable talking to patients, confident in their assessment skills, and allowed them to apply the knowledge from their classes while making new friends with a shared interest in medicine.

EMTs and EMT students are placed on field teams where they respond to medical calls and practice skills such as assessments, patient moving, vitals, radio operations, etc.

First-year nursing or medical students are usually placed on field teams with other pre-health students where they work with certified EMTs to get experience with initial assessments, taking vitals, and learning about the conditions that cause most of our patients to present to Rock Medicine.

Medical students who’ve completed more than one year of their program and nursing students who have completed more than half of their program are usually given the option of being placed in the clinic where they will work with our nurses and other clinic staff to provide ongoing care to our patients and practice skills such as assessment, wound care, patient monitoring, and observe treatment of more complex cases.

Students who have excelled in Rock Medicine have also been given the opportunity to help with non-medical tasks such as dispatching, logistics, planning, and management.

All students are given the opportunity to observe or practice selected skills they have been trained on under the guidance and supervision of experienced and certified volunteers. Rock Medicine also offers all students the opportunity to work with a variety of experienced providers to learn not only how to talk to patients but begin to develop their clinical reasoning.

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