It's very important to Rock Medicine that both the events we work at and the patients we serve walk away healthy and satisfied, and we are proud of our lasting, productive relationships with both! Rock Medicine brings a unique, beneficial perspective to your event management team with our highly experienced medical practitioners and event safety planners. We can help you put together an event plan that means even your guests who unfortunately need to seek medical aid during the event walk away happy.

Because our focus has always been on providing non-judgmental medical care, we can ensure that patients at your event will receive medical attention in a respectful environment and in a manner that focuses on getting them back to the event as opposed as to the hospital.

Below are a selection of testimonials from both events and patients that appreciate the unique service that Rock Medicine provides. We look forward to working with you to put together an event plan focused around the health, safety, and well-being of your guests!

About the Event
Outside Lands is a Music and Arts festival held each August in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Each of the three event days sees 60,000+ guests, staff, exhibitors, vendors, and performers fill the Polo Fields, Hellman's Hollow, Speedway Meadow, and Lindley Meadow. 2017 marked the tenth anniversary of Outside Lands' unique blending of music, art, food, and wine in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Services Provided
Rock Medicine is the provider of all medical services onsite at Outside Lands. We provide medical and emergency plan drafting months in advance of the event and work with our public safety partners - SFPD, SFFD, and the City of San Francisco - to ensure that a safe event will take place each year. Within Golden Gate Park, Rock Medicine constructs and staffs two field hospitals and three first aid stations to provide care to patrons, staff, and all other attendees.

On each of the three event days, Rock Medicine staffs 15+ EMT field response teams on foot and 2-4 EMT bike teams as well as emergency response ATV's and medical transport carts. Rock Medicine also contracts with local ambulance providers to provide ALS standby services and transportation from our clinics to area hospitals if needed.

About the Event
San Francisco Pride, officially known as The San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Celebration, is a massive parade and festival held each summer near City Hall in San Francisco. The event celebrates LGBT people as well as allies and draws attendees from around the country. The two-day event culminates Sunday morning with a parade from the Ferry Building up Market Street to City Hall, followed by a festival spanning several city blocks.

Services Provided
Rock Medicine coordinates with the San Francisco Fire Department to provide medical coverage to a large swath of San Francisco during the event. Rock Medicine is the primary provider of medical response and services to attendees of San Francisco Pride and sets up a large ALS clinic in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to treat patients onsite and release them back to the event. Rock Medicine also staffs several first aid tents throughout the Pride venue.

During the parade and festival, Rock Medicine staffs 15+ EMT response teams on foot and bike as well as ATVs and cart transport teams to bring patients back to the clinic at Bill Graham Civic from throughout the mile-long venue.

Rock Medicine at SF Pride

Patient Testimonials

While we never hope to see patients at any event we serve, when we do we always work to take care of them - and their friends or loved ones - in a caring way and enable them to get back to the event or home safely. We believe that this non-judgmental way of treating individuals when they are feeling their worst and most vulnerable leads to better patient contact, better outcomes, and happier patrons.

"I just wanted to reach out and say how awesome your EMT staff was at the ****** show last night at ******. ***** and ***** helped my friend during and after the show. They were very patient and thorough in making sure we understood how to take care of him at home. It's hard dealing with a friend that's very sick because of bad decisions, but your staff made us feel safe and comfortable with the situation. Knowing it's a hard job with little reward, please let them know we really appreciated their care."

"I can not thank the Rock Med staff at the ******* for aiding me while I was in distress from a sudden and violent attack from food poisoning. They were so helpful, kind and gracious during a really scary, embarrassing and trying time. Thank you ROCK MED!"